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A Lean Research case study: Girl Effect

We are excited to present the first case study of the application of the Lean Research principles. TEGA is a mobile based, girl operated research approach designed to provide rapid access to authentic insights from communities in the Global South.

It’s Girl Effect’s solution to recognising that traditional Global South research approaches are sometimes intrusive and intimidating and, because of this; sometimes do not gain honest responses. Strangers arriving on doorsteps, asking for intimate information can create a dynamic where respondents feel uncomfortable speaking candidly about their lives. This is particularly true when the respondents in question are adolescent girls.

TEGA is borne out of the understanding that an adolescent girl is more likely to feel comfortable speaking truthfully about her life to another girl like her. She is more likely to respond openly to someone who understands her background and the culture in which she lives, as opposed to an adult stranger who does not share her experience.

Download the case study on the TEGA team’s integration of Lean Research principles here.


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